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    With almost 40,000 residents as of 2010 U.S. Census, the township of Teaneck is one of the most culturally adept places in New Jersey. Its community enjoys a perfect blend of busy business hubs and lush recreational facilities. Established in 1895, Teaneck was once a quiet and laidback farm community after the Revolutionary War. William Phelps used to own one of the largest estates built in this township. When he arrived in Teaneck, he decided to renovate a huge farmhouse and transform it into a Victorian-inspired mansion. The site where this was built is the same location where the Municipal Government Complex now stood.

    Bergen County’s Ethical Culture Society is based in Teaneck which further boosts the township’s cultural inclination. Residents and tourists will be treated to a wide array of musical plays, theatre dramas, and art exhibitions. There are 13,418 households or 10,076 families now residing in this vibrant community.

    Teaneck Statistics:

    • Estimated Median Household Income: $92,833 (as of 2009)
    • Estimated Median House Value: $423,713
    • Mean Prices of Housing Units:  $495,775
    • Mean Prices of Detached Houses:  $502,472
    • Mean Prices of Townhouses: $398,847
    • Mean Prices of 2-Unit Properties: $490,394
    • Mean Prices of 4-Unit Properties:  $325,044
    • Mean Prices of 5-Unit Properties: $321,635
    • Median Gross Rent: $1,184

    Tourist Landmarks in Teaneck:

    Hackensack River

    Zabriskie-Kipp-Cadmus House

    Teaneck Municipal Building

    Municipal Government Complex

    Cedar Lane Cinema

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