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    Established in 1892, Ridgefield is a thriving borough in Bergen County, New Jersey. It was the site of a Lenape tribe during the European colonization period. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Ridgefield has over 11,000 residents which translate to 3,905 households or 2,995 families. 25.7% of the total population is composed of Korean nationals. Its local government consists of a mayor and six members of the council. Ridgefield is part of the 36th Legislative district of New Jersey. In 2008, the borough recorded only 35% voters’ turn out (or 1,822 of the 5,208 registered voters). It has public and private schools for children and several transportation services. Ridgefield is also the shooting location of Adam Sandler’s film, the Wedding Singer.

    Today, Ridgefield is home to numerous tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and other recreational facilities that continue to serve locals and guests alike.

    Ridgefield Statistics:

    • Estimated median household income: $65,905
    • Mean prices of housing units: $625,091
    • Mean prices of detached houses: $627,624
    • Mean prices of attached houses:  $570,589
    • Mean prices of 2-unit properties: $658,848
    • Mean prices of 4-unit properties: $481,938
    • Mean prices of 5-unit properties: $228,887
    • Mean prices of mobile homes: $1,059,053

    Tourist Landmarks in Ridgefield include:

    Bergen Boulevard School

    Armenian Apostolic Church

    Meadowlands Commission

    Ridgefield Park

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