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    Home to over 27,000 residents, the city of Englewood is a vibrant community with a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern city’s delight. Historical accounts say that Englewood got its name from the phrase “English neighbourhood” back when it had one of New Jersey’s first English-speaking communities. Englewood also served as the location of socialist and author Upton Sinclair’s experimental community.

    Today, the city of Englewood compliments its rich cultural narratives by transforming into a growing community of peaceful neighbourhoods. The city has a total of 9, 273 households or 6,481 families. The population has a perfect mix of different races including Asian, White, Hispanic, Native American, and African American among others. Englewood is included in New Jersey’s 37th legislative district.

    Englewood Statistics:

    • Estimated median household income: $69,968 (as of 2009)
    • Mean prices of housing units: $587,721
    • Mean prices of detached houses: $654,319
    • Mean prices of attached houses:  $574,755
    • Mean prices of 2-unit properties: $365,484
    • Mean prices of 3-unit properties: $439,801
    • Mean prices of mobile homes: $349,949
    • Median gross rent:  $1,109 (as of 2009)

    Tourist landmarks in Englewood include:

    Bergen Performing Arts Centre

    Englewood Downtown

    Flat Rock Brook Nature Centre

    Mackay Park

    Englewood Recreation

    Crystal Lake Park

    Borghi Fine Art

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