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    Admiring a scenic view of the Hudson River, Edgewater is as pristine and crystal-like as its name sounds. This borough is located in Bergen County, New Jersey with a total population of 11, 513. Established in 1894, Edgewater saw Bergen County’s stance during the Revolutionary War where the quiet, pastoral, and sleepy environs dominated the entire community. Edgewater assumed different tag names until it became known for its name today.


    Today, this borough is creating a mark in Bergen County for its vibrant business spots. Homeowners in this area will be will be delighted with its wide selection of shopping opportunities including 5 major shopping hotspots. These are Mitsuwa Marketplace, City Place, Binghamton Shopping Plaza, and Edgewater Commons. This place is also known as the shooting location of 1997 hit film Cop Land which starred Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone.

    Edgewater Real Estate Statistics

    According to the latest census, Edgewater is composed of 3,021 families or a total of 5,637 households. 23.6% of these households have members aged 18 years old below while 23% have members aged 45 – 64 years olds.

    • Estimated median house value: $199,114
    • Mean price in housing units:  $199,186
    • Mean price in detached units: $196,963
    • Mean price in attached units: $189,145
    • Mean price in 2-unit properties: $244,260
    • Mean price in 5-unit properties: $249,220

    Tourist landmarks in Edgewater include:

    • Edgewater Public Library
    • The River Walk
    • Memorial Park
    • Veteran’s Field

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