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    Named after a train station director, Demarest is a thriving borough nestled right at the heart of New Jersey’s Bergen County. According to the latest census, Demarest has 4,881 residents with about 1,597 households or 1,404 families. 45.1% of the population belongs to residents aged below 18 years old, while 33.6% comes from 45 – 64 years old bracket. Demarest is under New Jersey’s borough type of government which comprises of a mayor and six members of the council. 3,002 voters were registered in 2008 elections indicating the community’s active participation in politics.

    Like its neighbouring boroughs, Demarest also keeps a rich historical narrative that continues to compliment the borough’s vibrant transition. According to historical accounts, Camp members of the World War I took respite in an old house located in Demarest’s outstretch. Up to now, this old house still stands in its original spot along with several notable tourist landmarks. With quiet neighbourhoods and well-kept surroundings, Demarest continue to be an ideal place to raise a family.

    Demarest Statistics:

    • Median household income: $144,284 (as of 2009)
    • Median house value: $712,962
    • Mean price of housing units: $856,690
    • Mean price of detached houses: $860,050
    • Mean price of 2-unit property: $645,304
    • Median gross rent: $2,001 (as of 2009)
    • Unemployment rate: 8.4% (as of 2012)

    Tourist Landmarks in Demarest include:

    Demarest Nature Center

    Momo-Dini Embroidery Art

    The Art School at Old Church

    All Seasons Chamber Players

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