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    Nestled in Bergen Country, Closter is a borough in New Jersey that was once populated by Dutch people. It was incorporated in 1904 which soon paved way to its transition from a humble area of farms and estates to a rising upper class suburban community. As of 2010, Closter has been home to 8, 373 residents. Interestingly, latest census also shows that 21.2% of Closter’s total population consists of Korean-Americans. A huge chunk of the population also identifies their roots from the Korean ancestry.

    Indicating its modern and liberated perspective, the community of Closter saw 15 same sex couples heading households in 2010. There are two major local news providers in Closter—the Bergen Record News and The Suburbanite. It also has two public schools namely Northern Valley Regional High School and Closter Public Schools. Today, the local government encourages synergy among community members by organizing various activities participated by locals and neighbouring peers.

    Closter Statistics:

    • Estimated median household income: $115,241
    • Estimated median house value:  $693,824
    • Mean Prices for housing units: $770,098
    • Mean Prices for detached houses:  $767,880
    • Mean Prices for attached units: $1,258,446
    • Mean Prices for 2-unit property: $601,405
    • Mean Prices for 5-unit property: $377,534

    Tourist Attractions in Closter include:

    Closter Nature Center

    Scahuble Park

    Belskie Museum

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