Tips to Selling Your Luxury or High-Dollar Home

    There are few more stressful things that property owners face in the midst of a recession or economic recovery than trying to sell an expensive home. During a bubble, only the price tag matters. Previous bubbles were a sign of nearly-guaranteed appreciation and opportunity.

    For the most part, high-end homes are still a great investment. This is especially true if it is accompanied by features like prime acreage and pristine locations. There’s no denying it however, the bubble has “popped”, and homeowners must adopt a new attitude and sense of showmanship if they are to move their property.

    Finished And Unfinished Business

    One of the most attractive aspects of a luxurious home is the combination of finished and unfinished features. It is highly likely that an expensive home and property was custom-designed to suit the lifestyle of the original owner.

    When an expensive home is listed for sale, it is a good idea to highlight the features that each previous owner connected with on a personal level. This can include amenities like patios, pools, lofts, basements and modern kitchens.

    It is just as important to highlight the potential unfinished spaces for new owners to add their unique sense of style to the property. An unfinished guest room, den or office is a great way to attract buyers wanting property with rooms and features they can customize in their own way. High-end properties are attractive for what they offer, but also for what they might offer in the future.

    Redefining What Is A High-Dollar Home

    There are perennial favorites in the expensive neighborhoods that exchange ownership year after year. These properties are akin to auction items possessing the thrust of popular interest. The key to propelling a home into the category of “high-end” is advertising saturation and aesthetic uniqueness.

    Palm Springs, Choechella, La Jolla, Manhattan, Aspen; they feature properties in the millions simply through association. Any property with generous square footage and outstanding features can become listed as a premier home with a bit of marketing expertise, and a desire by the owners to offer a gem that is worthy of attention.

    High-end property owners in any region must insist on top listings of their property. By far, most real estate listings are organized from most expensive, to least expensive. When a property owner puts any home on the market, they must demand the property to be the first listed home on all registries. Buyers are looking for homes in which trusted realtors take a special interest.

    Do The Footwork

    Selling a high-dollar home is a prime opportunity for the owner to get involved in the sale process. If a home is listed, the owner should adopt a lifestyle, which adds to the value of a property.

    More time and energy should be dedicated to increasing curb appeal. This includes landscaping, interior management and a general shift toward promoting a property as an investment worth taking an interest in.

    High-dollar homes will likely be purchased by previous high-dollar homeowners. Aside from the current attractive mortgage and lending numbers, the property should be an outstanding spectacle of pride and care.

    Remember, there is no guarantee that a property will be purchased. A traditional approach to selling high-dollar homes is still the best bet for real estate action in the present economy.

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