Tips on How to Shop for Luxury/High-Dollar Homes


    Shopping for a home is a major endeavor in that it is the largest investment most people ever make; shopping for a luxury home raises the stakes even further.

    Homeowners should make an effort to seriously weigh their priorities and determine if they really want one of these homes and if they can afford it. If they decide that they still want a luxury home, they should:

    Find the Right Real Estate Agent

    A buyer’s agent is important regardless of the value of the real estate; however, they are essential when dealing with luxury real estate. Agents who deal mainly with moderately priced real estate may not have experience with luxury properties.

    The agent should be familiar with the area in which the prospective buyer wants to live and should have experience working at the upper end of the market. A prospective buyer should spend as much time and effort on the selection of their agent as they do shopping for the property.

    Consider the Location 

    A luxury home in a scenic or exclusive location may come at the cost of convenience. Many luxury homes are more secluded which can make it difficult to handle simple chores such as grocery shopping and taking the kids to school. It is a trade-off that prospective buyers should keep in mind as they evaluate different properties.

    Understand the Process of Searching for Luxury Homes

    Prospective buyers may be able to find luxury properties by conducting their own searches on the internet. Local real estate companies are a good starting point, though they may not provide a full picture of what is available in the area.

    In order to protect the seller’s privacy, many luxury homes are not listed in the MLS and may be found only through an agent’s network of contacts. This is another reason to find an agent with the right local connections. A well-connected agent may even know about homes before they go on the market.

    Avoid Relying on Pictures

    Not all luxury homes are photogenic in the same sense as more moderately priced homes. It may be necessary to go beyond the pictures in listings. One way to get a better look at a home is to use Google Earth in searches. This allows the prospective buyer to get a fuller picture of the luxury home while also being able to see what is around it.

    Additionally, some homes just have to be seen in person to be appreciated. If a home is in the right location and is at the right price, the buyer should make an effort to see it even if its outward appearance is less than appealing.

    The process of buying luxury real estate is not something that should be rushed. Prospective buyers should be prepared to spend some time on their search. Having all the important information is a key part of the transaction. Even after a home has been found, it is important to evaluate it before buying. These things are especially important for first-time luxury property buyers.

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