Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal for the Holidays and Beyond

    Whether you are looking to sell your home or you just want it to be easy on the eye. You want your home to have a better curb appeal than it does now. Increasing your homes outside appearance can be as cheap as you want it or it can range to thousands of dollars.

    This all depends on how much you are really wanting to fix or change. Increasing yours homes curb appeal also raises it in value in case you are trying to sell. The smallest of things can make you home look so much different.

    Painting renewal

    Well, one of the first options you have to consider is the paint. When someone is driving past your home and they see a very pretty and modern color, they will be tempted to stop and look.


    You could possibly have old and worn out paint or just a very wacky off color that does not go well together. Change it up! Renew the face of your home including the shutters, garage door and all other doors.


    If your home is past do on a good cleaning, power washing is needed. Many times after the winter months and cold weather mold, dirt and grime will build up on the sides of your home.

    You can rent a power washer and do the job yourself or call in the professionals for a price. Your home will instantly be brighter and attract many.


    Also, it is best to clean out your flower bed to make it look neat again. Especially after winter time because dirt and mulch are thrown around from wind. Pull weeds and spray weed killer. You can also lay down a fresh mulch to brighten it up. Lay new flowers and plants if yours have not kept well. The best flowers are the annual ones that bloom year round.

    Gutter build up

    You also can check your gutters and clean those out if needed. Most times after fall, leaves will build up and start to hang out the gutter. This does not make a very nice appearance. It tells buyers that the home has not been well kept.

    Make your home visible

    If you have a large tree in your front yard, directly in front to your home you can manage that as well. Trim the branches and shrubs that hang low. Just enough so you can see your home again.

    The last thing you can do to give your home a very nice curb appearance is decorate your porch. You can get some colorful and bright pots and plant in them. Set these pots on your steps or a couple in your garden area.

    Bright decor makes it an at home experience for buyers. If you are not selling your home, you will appreciate these tips for yourself. You will never want to leave!

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