How to Stage Your Home Properly

    Every homeowner wants to sell quickly, and at the best price possible. The well-staged home beckons shoppers to get inside, and conveys the feeling of welcome home. Make everything look fresh, clean, bright, and spacious. You want the property to create interest the moment buyers see your house from the street.

    What is the first thing that people see when they pull into the driveway?

    Chances are it is the front door, the garage door, and perhaps both at once. A fresh coat of paint on doors visible from the street and drive are necessary. The same goes for any wood exterior trim. The front yard needs to look colorful, and nicely maintained.

    Worn out shrubs need replacing. Plant flowers at the front door. A landscape that needs an immediate overhaul is not curb appeal. Showings will be sparse, and low offers are not what you want.

    How do you make a small house look spacious?

    Empty space. Yes, you have made do with the situation, but selling means giving the impression that the rooms are larger than they are. Light walls and flooring also make a room look larger and brighter. It is best to remove all clutter.

    Go for a minimalist look. Too much furniture, stuffed closets, and many knickknacks makes the space look closed in. You are moving anyway, so pack up everything you do not absolutely need, and put it in storage somewhere.

    You want every room move-in ready.

    Make your surfaces shine. Fresh paint on the walls is always a good idea if you want to command top dollar. If the carpeting is in great shape, then get it professionally cleaned, but if it has worn or outdated you want to replace it. Gleaming tile or wood flooring in good condition will meet with approval. If it is worn, then replace or refinish it. The same goes for counters and wall tile. Buyers who feel the space is good, but the surfaces need attention will give low offers.

    Do you have to redo the bathrooms and kitchen?

    These are the last two rooms you want to look outdated or in disrepair. Yes, renovating either of them is costly, which is why you will never get a good offer on your home leaving it for the buyer to tackle.

    Updating the look in the kitchen is super important, because it is the hub of every home. Dark wood cabinets shrink the space. White painted wood cabinets and good work lighting are super popular for any decorating style. Cabinets in poor condition definitely need replacing.

    The first impression is important.

    Nothing says welcome home like fresh flowers on the foyer table, fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and home baked bread or cookies scenting the air. Sparkling windows and clean window treatments. Let the sunshine in. No pets or pet hair for showings. Remember not everyone loves animals, and many people are allergic.

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