Halloween Treats and Tips


    With Halloween coming up, before you put out the Halloween treats and deck the walls with the specters of the season, the trick is to make sure your home is safe despite the holiday urge to create a darkened atmosphere for the fun of playful fear; your property really should be well lighted.

    Some may turn their entire front lawns into faux graveyards, with zombies appearing to be coming out of the graves. Trees in the yard suddenly sprout bevies of flying ghosts or hanging skeletons.

    But, what if you have your house listed for sale?

    If you’ve listed, this is a year to keep those old Halloween decorations in storage It is not a year to turn you home into a house of horrors. The same goes for the inside. You want people to appreciate the normal curb appeal of your home and to go inside, without the distraction of dodging spider webs with scary, big spiders on them. A few small and helpful tasteful reminders of the fall season might be OK, but consider other ways to be festive. Here are some few tips:

    Candy Corn Centerpiece - 40 Easy to Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

     Candy Corn Centerpiece

     No table is complete for Halloween without a candy corn centerpiece. These great décor items are  super  easy to make and look great on any table. You just basically have to spray paint the candy corn  colors  onto old glass bottles and then decorate however you want. This is a great project to keep for  next year.  You can make one or several and create a beautiful display. Don’t forget to add a little real  candy corn  though, just because it’s so yummy. 

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     Decorate your pumpkins

     Use a drill to make a polka dotted carved pumpkin (left). Mini pumpkins will  look lovely as candles holders for the Halloween table! You can use battery  powered lights as substitute for candles More Design Ideas Here





     Mummy Cake

     Scare up some smiles at your Halloween gathering by baking these creepy  coffin-  shaped  vanilla, raspberry and chocolate cakes, with a sweet frosted  mummy lying on  top. 

    Click Here to get the Mummy Cake Recipe

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